ADV SAJU JAKOB is a lawyer based in Delhi with core legal practice before the Supreme Court, High Court of Delhi, NCDRC, CAT, NCLAT, CIC and other appellate courts/tribunals in Delhi. He is a passionate lawyer who has been trained and tutored by his senior Mr. Issac Thomas in Kerala, who was a renowned lawyer in Criminal matters in Kerala as well as by the late Adv Lily Thomas who was a well known lawyer in Constitutional, Civil, Tax and other matters in Delhi. As a lawyer, he has been enrolled with the Bar Council of Kerala since 1990. Since then, he has practiced law in Kerala and Delhi with above two seniors till 1999. Having returned from his postgraduate studies in Germany/Europe/UK/Netherlands/US, he moved to Delhi in 2005 and began practicing law with Late Adv Lily Thomas. Even when Late Adv Lily Thomas was alive, he argued many cases on his own. In her lifetime, she has made him a successful lawyer, and he continued to work with her until her death. During her late years, she has handed over many cases to him to argue and he has successfully defended them. In addition to the Supreme Court, the High Court of Delhi, NCLAT, NCLT, NCDRC, CAT, and other courts, he practices and defends the clients. In the Supreme Court of India, he undertakes his cases from the institutional clients and private clients too. He has argued cases for the instititutional clients like Bank of India, in which has drafted the petition too. He has argued constitutional matters, like Moratorium cases, Habeas Corpus, Babri Masjid matter, Ciminal matters, specially anticipatory bail, regular bail, appeal matters in murder cases, Service matters like Pension, Gratuity, and other termination matters, Tax matters like challenging of State Statutes, Civil matters like appeals from various High Courts and other Tribunals. In Delhi and Kerala, both at higher courts and Sessions courts, he handles / argues cases of serious offenses including murder charges and corruption allegations.

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