Aside from the fact that Adv Jakob is a hardcore litigation counsel in India and the chief lawyer & arguing counsel at Lily Thomas Chamber in Delhi, Mr Saju Jakob is also a practicing lawyer and solicitor in Germany with his own law office, Kanzlei Saju Jakob in Germany, in his capacity as an Indian Advocate, a European Solicitor and a member of the Cologne Bar Council. He is frequently appointed as an Amicus Curie/Court Advisor by German courts. In addition to being a UK solicitor, he is also an Irish solicitor. He is a member of the Bar Council of Cologne, Germany, the Law Society of England and Wales, and the Irish Law Society in Dublin, Ireland. He is a reputed lawyer in Germany who primarily represents international corporations. In Germany & Europe, his law firm is one of the most successful. The German language is as good as his English and mother tongue, Malayalam. He worked with various international law firms in Germany, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands prior to starting his own law firm in Germany. He is a frequent speaker on many national and international subjects in Germany & Europe and India. He was recently invited as a speaker at Duesseldorf University. He has gained his legal qualifications from UK, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands and Spain in continuation to his LL.B and LL.M studies in India. He studied MBA at Mitchell College in South Alabama University. He was a coordinator of BMW activities from 2002 to 2006 for the State of Kerala. He was appointed as a Representative of NORKA Department in Europe by the Kerala State Government. He practised law in Europe from 2000 till 2005, then shifted his base to New Delhi and joined with late Adv. Lily Thomas. Since then, he has continued his law practice in Europe, especially in Germany & Europe through his law firm Kanzlei Saju Jakob in Germany.

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