Indians welcome the new British Prime Minister

Indians in India and across the world welcome the newly appointed British Prime Minister.

In the wake of Great Britain’s political turmoil, Rishi Sunak, a man of Indian heritage, has been appointed British Prime Minister today on 25th October 2022. Congratulations to the New Prime Minister of United Kingdom !! After just six weeks in office, his predecessor, Liz Truss, resigned. United Kingdom faces huge economic hardships and needs therefore strong political leadership. Sunak is the first representative of an ethnic minority to be head of government. The son of Indian immigrants, Southampton-born Sunak becomes the first British leader of this stature from an ethnic minority background in Britain. The 42-year-old former hedge fund manager faces the difficult task of leading Britain through the economic crisis and uniting his divided party. At 42, he will become the country’s youngest prime minister in more than 200 years. In his first short speech after being appointed leader and prime minister-designate of the British Conservative Party, Rishi Sunak stated “bringing our party and our country together” would be his top priority. Britain faces “a profound economic challenge,” Rishi Sunak said. His job as Tory Prime Minister now is to lead the country to “stability and unity.” The law office of Adv. Lily Thomas & Saju Jakob along with their colleagues express their excitement over Mr. Rishi Sunak’s victory. The British ruled India for more than 200 years, and the relationship between India and Britain remains strong.

There are lessons to be learned from English in relation to the appointment of a new Prime Minister of an ethnicity, culture, and religion different from their own. Although Christian religion is the official religion in Britain, the new PM took his oath in the name of Bhagavad Gita. 75% of British citizens are white and of British origin, but the country chose a man of a different race, religion, and tradition. Sunak is only 42 years old, and has been involved in the political scene since 2015. Within a few years, he has made his political achievement, though he has no special political background. He has been given a fair chance to show his efficiency even at such an early age. It is true that Mr. Rishi Sunak has rich experience in dealing with financial issues relating to a macro economy. There is no doubt that he is an intelligent and hard working personality. This indicates that the British place a high value on efficiency and hardwork over religion, race, and other conservative ideas. The lesson to be learnt from them is that a country needs leaders with efficiency and courage. Their efficiency shall not be judged by their religion, culture and race. Even Winston Churchill should have accepted that success comes from hard work coupled with efficiency, knowledge, and wisdom, since these three remain the cornerstones of all success stories. Winston Churchill would have changed his view on Indians if he were alive today. He allegedly made sarcastic remarks during the Independence and said that Indian leaders would be of low caliber and straw men.

By Adv. Saju Jakob, Lily Thomas Junior of the Law of Lily Thomas and Saju Jakob on October 25th 2022

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